We do for you

We try to make your purchase in Croatia convenient and enjoyable and spare you as much hassle as possible. That means that you can count upon after–sale services still long after you have moved in your new home. You get a comprehensive yet intimate and personal service.

Paying the household bills:

We assist you by opening a bank debit account so bills for the household can be paid by direct debit.

  • water, 1m3 water: 2 Euro
  • waste water, 18 Euro, annually
  • electric, 1Kwh day's value: 0,75 Euro
  • night's value: 0.040 Euro
  • garbage: 50 Euro, annually
  • ground tax : 2 € per m2 Euro, annually
  • non-resident's tax : 2 Euro per one sqm of the housing space , annually
  • reserves ( only if you own a flat or apartment in a town villa or condominium) 0.52 % of the value of the apartment or flat annually.

Constitution of a company:

To open a company is necessary in the cases:

  • you would like to make business in Croatia, as for example letting the propety to tourists
  • buy a property directly without the Approval of the Foreign Minister department
  • buy agricultural land The costs amount to approximately 5000 Euro.
  • 2.500 Euro is deposit (of which you can make use after the registration of the company is finished ).
  • 2.500 Euro are legal fees to the lawyer and stamp duty for opening the company.

Rebuilding and renovation:

We make the conversion and renovation projects. We hire proved builders and make supervising for you. The prices for the thorough renovation which comprises practically everything apart from the outer existing stonewalls: new roof, electric rewiring, new water pipes, drainage and sewerage pipes, pin-pointed stonewalls, new rendering, new flooring, new bathroom, new windows and doors, amounts to 700-800 Euros for one sqm walking space. OUR ARCHITECTURAL STUDIO is providing you with wide range od SPECIFIC services such as:

  • the general planning of building
  • projects-supervision
  • complete building management
  • consulting-pre-purchase inspection
  • information about planning and building restrictions
  • estimates

Insurance claim:

  • The processing of an insurance claim.

The insurance for one average family house and household amounts approximately to 500 Euro yearly.The purchase costs:

  • 5% real estate purchase tax (the valuation is made by Tax office at the time you get the aproval of Ministry)
  • 1,5% lawyer's fee for legal services (not less then 1.400 Euro)
  • 3% + WAT agency's fee (not less then 1.000 Euro)

Allow in total 10.% for all purchase costs.

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