Why Istria?

Before you go hunting Croatia, it might be useful to read this text.

Istria is the part of Mediterranean «belt of the sun» which comes far into the Europe’s belly. She features:

  • good accessibility
  • European heritage in every sense of this word
  • moderate climate have made it a sought – after destination.

Most European capitals you can reach simply by car. Istria as a holiday destination and as investment land was discovered by most Europeans only recently. It is a territory where there is still scope for profitable investments and where tourists flows are steadily increasing year upon year.

Istria’s countryside is hilly and green, with hilltop medieval Towns. The coastline is flat, with many little bays and caps. We have no rivers and industry to discarge industrial waste from the interior. Things are bound to happen here without precipitating over-development. A preservation of heritage, lifestyle and open places keeps it looking the way you discovered it.

Varieties of real estate are open to you. There are choices between towns and villages, urban and rural locations. And for properties with cozy cottage atmosphere, or traditional interiors where the present sits eclectically along the past.

There is something for everyone. Something affordable and of excellent value over the entire spectrum of sales.

The Beaches

ImageAlas we have no sandy shores as our neighbours can boast of. Instead, our beaches are narrow belts of pebbles or stone blocks ,pine- and fire – forests growing close so the water. One smarty has pinned it down this way: my head in the shade of a pine-tree, my belly is on the sunshine and my feet are in the water. The water is clean and most beaches boast with the BLU FLAG- the sign for the good quality of the sea-water.

The town and people

ImageLittle seaside towns still keep up their atmosphere of fishermen’s places. People like to mingle with foreigners.They like to chat with them and the language barrier is not a big deal in Istria. People are speaking Italian, German and English better then you ever will speak Croatian!

The climate

ImageThe climate is moderate Mediterranean.Not too hot summers, pleasant springs and falls and winters without snow.Most rainy months are November and December, January and February are most cold months with hardly any rain.


ImageOur gastronomy is based upon local wholesome products .Noodles ,boiled vegetabls with olive oil, scanty meat portions.


ImageOur communities have realized the importance -in order to promote entire area -to encourage leisure activities such as: horseback riding, cycling, trekking, scuba diving, para gliding, wind surfing, fishing, guided walks along nature trails…


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